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Social Media Marketing

We believe creativity and innovation can always be improved. At WAD we excel at this constant evolution of your social media presence through various available mediums.

Social Media

Having over 50,000 data points on its users, Facebook certainly knows all about your users! It is one of the best tools for interest-based marketing. We also make maximum use of Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Quora, and Twitter’s targeting tools.

Social Analytics

We apply the most advanced analytical tools to keep a track of real-time insights. With this intricate data, we come up with the best plan of action for you.


Creating exceptional videos that represent your brand across all social media platforms. We craft videos that are concept-driven and creatively inspired. Videos that are platform-based and specifically targeted.


We focus on vertical video content that took off with the rise of tik tok’s popularity. We leverage this format for direct engagement thus making a lasting impact on your audience.


Staying relevant is one of the biggest needs of the hour and picking up the right trend is extremely crucial. We help your brand be one with its community with our trend jacking expertise.

Influencer integration

We connect you with relevant influencers for your brand who convey your brand’s message to the right set of audience. Reach out to the right tribe with on-point influencer integration at WAD.

Surveys & Sweepstakes

We grab on the right audience and run enticing contests and also conduct surveys for sweepstakes. Our Surveys and sweepstakes and intricately planned to keep them wanting more!

It’s not about if we ‘do’ social media, the question is ‘how’ well we do it.


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