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Search Engine Optimization

“SEO is a marathon and not a sprint”, and we are here to cater to your long-term goals.

Keyword Research

We will run an analysis to determine our engagement with the correct set of keywords. Not just by volume but also with the correct phrases that translate into business conversion.

Technical Check-up

A complete analysis of your website from a technical perspective, this verifies if the search engine can effectively locate, crawl, and index for maximum exposure.

Local SEO

With about 8% of results being location based on Google, we ensure that our strategy captures all those possible ways to get your business ranking on the top locally.

Tracking & Reporting

We give you an extensive analytical report on every possible parameter so you can capture your return of investment through SEO.

Optimization for mobile search

We enhance your search parameters to include your brand in separate mobile searches to increase your visibility.

Voice search

Being one of the quickest and accessible means to search on the go, voice search has become extremely popular. We help you optimize for voice search in order to reach out to your wider audience.

Effective penalty removal

We help you ensure your site is 100% penalty proof and also speedily remove a penalty that has occurred.

Reader-first content strategy

We write articles/content that incites emotions, that makes an impression! by making sure our content targets people and not bots.

Optimization for app/play store

We work with the Playstore/ App Store algorithm, to make your app easily accessible which will result in app installs.

Amazon SEO

Specifically optimizing your content for Amazon so that your product appears at the top of the search list.

Youtube & Social Media SEO

Catering to each platform’s specific needs, we create a specific SEO plan for YouTube/ Social Media platforms. Which leads to – more connections on LinkedIn via search discovery or more subscribers/ views on YouTube due to search optimization.

We make sure you never face the horror of finding yourself in the google graveyard i.e the second page of search results.


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