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Paid Marketing

You know where to put your money, we know where to put your ad. After doing thorough research on an array of options such as mobile, desktop, tablet and banner advertising, we craft your media campaign according to your needs so it always reaches the right people at the right time.

Search ads

While optimising your site organically can get your brand on the top but with the right kind of paid targeting in search ads, it can get you there immediately.

Youtube ads

As the number of videos keeps increasing, it takes quite the tricks to let your video be relevant in searches. Luckily we know a lot of them.

App store ads

Since an online search goes well beyond google, we go beyond too. We can make sure that your app search shows up right at the top even on app store ads.

Amazon ads

If you have a product, we wish to make the marketplace our realm! Using some top-notch strategies we make sponsored ads to be seen on platforms like Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra as well.

Third-party ads

We can follow your audience wherever they go. We use the latest tools to remarket your brand to your audience when required.

Facebook ads

With a populous platform like Facebook it’s not about spending money, it’s more about how. After some extensive campaigns, we can say we have figured that ‘how’.

Linkedin ads

Compared to all other social media platforms, Linkedin ads are very unique, you can gain professional reach. Through specially catered ads you gain crucial contacts to excel your business.

Instagram ads

Ad recall is higher than all the other social networks on Instagram and we work to ensure you lead through memorable branding.

Twitter ads

Twitter is like a unicorn in a sea of donkey ad features. When it comes to ad features. Well, we want your brand to be like Twitter. If you know what we mean 😉

Snapchat ads

We visit your audience in the most unique way on Snapchat. With quick advertising bombardment, we make sure you stand out.

Gmail ads

A person spends an average of 4.1 hours checking their work email every day. With that amount of time dedicated to emails, Gmail ads are one of the best ways to target potential customers.


73 percent of Pinners say content from brands makes Pinterest more useful. This discovery platform is perfect to target an otherwise unreachable audience.


Let your ad reach people even before they finish their question. In Quora, we know how to place your content for it to be less of an ad and more of an answer.


Speaking to your TG at the right time, can make all the difference. Through Spotify’s audio, video and banner ads, we help your story be a part of the playlist.

In-app ads

With in-app ads, we use sophisticated data tracking and target users with bullet accuracy.

When it comes to paid marketing we at WAD make sure your every penny counts.


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