The WAD Agency – About Us

We are the human encyclopedia of everything digital. How do you ask? Well, our journey began 2000 mistakes ago. So in a span of about 5 years, we have tried and tested innumerable unique ways of how one should ‘not-do’ digital marketing. This is how our constant search for innovation and truth began.

In an evolving world, change is solely static. So we either lead the change or be led by the change. The WAD Agency – a house full of thriving artists, creative nerds, visionary innovators, and tech enthusiasts. We are bold. We speak the truth. We accept mistakes. We are WAD.

WAD is your homegrown digital marketing agency that creates some big brand moments. We work with companies and individuals who have an eye for even the minutest detail. We brew fresh stories with the help of design, data and a whole lot of gut. We help you lead this change with strategic marketing services.

Founded by a digital marketing fanatic, Akshay Doshi in 2016, later joined by a creative entrepreneur, Sibu Sahu in 2019, we have been acquired by DiTech Process Solutions Pvt. Ltd in the year 2020.


To be your indispensable creative partner. Helping your brand play a meaningful role in people’s lives.


Redefine.   Measure.   Breakthrough

  • Redefining fundamentals of marketing by reinventing the wheel with a whiteboard & a marker & a multilateral approach that is not only out of the box but also out of every damn geometrical shape.
  • Measure and identify complex patterns by being relentless about pursuing the unsolved to offer breakthrough digital solutions.
  • We Decipher digital through design thinking.

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